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ProDentim- The ingredient is enriched with probiotics which helps in eliminating sinuses and improving intestinal health, also the ingredient is very helpful for improve healthy gums and prevent the gum infection, also lactic acid which is well known for their quality of absorbing nutrition from the food naturally. This ingredient is safe and very effecting for maintain gums and oral health.Lactobacillus Reuteri is lactic acid and probiotic that helps to repopulate good bacteria which supports to fight with bad bacteria and reduce the chances of inflammation in your mouth. Probiotics are also very beneficial for improving gut flora and supports digestive system. The ingredient is not very effective for oral health but it also takes care of overall health including digestive system. The main of work of inulin in Prodentim is to improve the growth of positive bacteria in your mouth which is very beneficial for your oral health. but apart from improving bacteria in mouth, inulin is also very effective for dealing weight gain issues, higher cholesterol and higher blood sugar level. As, inulin is extracted from fruits and vegetables and is very enriched with properties of probiotic.Malic acid is basically a chemical which promotes healthy skin and prevents the skin problems such as, acnes, dead skin cells and makes the persons skin healthy, fresh and good looking.