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ISO Certification in Qatar is one of the boosting factors for every organisation which makes you to get more Marketing Services. The international organisation for standardization has come up with a very good idea by publishing the international standards which are accepted globally with certain requirements that is set up by the technical committee all over the world. And the standards are established to make sure that the organisations are working in very healthy and safety conditions.
Quality management system is important to ensure success, businesses must offer products and services that surpass customer expectations, while meeting ongoing competitive pressures to increase efficiency and cut costs.

Quality Objectives
Top management establishes quality objectives at all relevant functions and levels within the organization. The objectives are derived from organizations Quality Policy. The quality objectives are documented (Annual Quality Objectives) and are reviewed by top management.
The quality objectives are measurable and consistent with the quality policy, including commitment to continual improvement. Quality objectives include those needed to meet all contracted requirements. Inherent in the entire set of quality objectives is a focus on customer satisfaction.
Quality Management System Planning
Top management has identified and planned the resources needed to achieve its quality objectives. The results are documented in management reviews. Quality planning addresses continual improvement of the QMS and assures that change is conducted in a controlled manner so that the integrity of the QMS is maintained during this change.
The Quality Plan identifies the core and support business processes of the QMS, and is documented in the form of references to associated Quality Procedures. The Core Business Processes represent how we turn opportunity into profitable outcomes. Its effectiveness is maintained and enhanced by Support Processes.
Continual Improvement
Implementing the international standard plans and manages the processes necessary for the continual improvement of the QMS. The continual improvement of the QMS through the use of the quality policy, objectives, audit results, analysis of data, corrective and preventive action and management review.
Corrective Action
It takes corrective action to eliminate the cause of identified nonconformities in order to prevent recurrence. Corrective actions are appropriate to the impact of the problems encountered.
Defines requirements for:
• Identifying nonconformities (including customer complaints);
• Determining the causes of nonconformity;
• Evaluating of the need for actions to ensure that nonconformities do not recur;
• Determining and implementing the corrective actions needed;
• Recording results of action taken;
• Review and evaluation of corrective action taken to assess its effectiveness.

Preventive Action
It identifies preventive actions to eliminate the causes of identified potential nonconformities to prevent initial occurrence. Appropriate sources of information such as processes and work operations results which affect product quality, concessions, audit results, quality records, service reports, and customer complaints are analyzed to detect preventive action possibilities. ISO Certification in Qatar Preventive actions taken are appropriate to the impact of the potential problems.
Defines requirements for:
• identification of potential nonconformities and their causes;
• determination of the steps needed to eliminate identified causes and completion of the preventive action implementation;
• recording results of action taken;
• review and evaluation of preventive action taken to assess its effectiveness;
Ensuring that relevant information on actions taken, including changes to procedures, is subject to management review
Non conforming products ensures that service provided which does not meet requirements is identified, controlled where possible to prevent unintended use or delivery to the customer, and corrected if it has been delivered.. This procedure includes provisions for:
• Identification, documentation, evaluation, segregation (where practical), disposition of nonconforming service, and for notification of the functions concerned;
• Assigning responsibility for the review and the authority for disposition of nonconforming service;
• Correction of nonconforming service and re-verification/calibration of the affected equipment after correction to demonstrate conformity (if necessary);
• Handling of nonconforming service when it is detected after delivery to the customer.

Why factocert ?
FACTOCERT is a firm which is into Consulting, implementing, third party audit services and issuing of International standard certifications. We have well experienced subject experts who are very good about the requirements of the international standards and they make sure that the requirements are implemented thoroughly in the organisation so that the top management would not question why. so while Choosing a Consulting body make sure that they are reliable on their services and give you a better satisfaction of the implementation process.