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ISO certification in Philippines helps to build very essential factors that are necessary to the organization. In order to help the company is at different operations international organization for standardization has come forward to provide them with the best solutions by setting up the requirements for different standards by involving the technical committee all over the world. The technical committee make sure that they developed the documents of International standard which needs all the requirement of the organizations conducting different operations as we know every organization of the following different policies procedures and the different kind of it is necessary to understand the those things and developed the requirements should be suitable for every organization. ISO has published to 22000 plus of standards depending upon the operations process and scope and they make sure that the standard requirements differ for each International standards because of you are generic and few are industry specific.

Coming to generic standards it can be applied every organization irrespective of their scope, operations and process if they want to have good quality and environmental performances for safety of can go for these generic standards like ISO 9001 ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.Coming to industry specific there are many such as ISO 22000, ISO 27001, ISO 13485 and so on. Along with generic standards are the standards can be integrated to have an effective management system.

Now let us know more about the integrated management system.

The integrated management system can be defined as the system and process of the organization into Framework by enabling the organization to work single unit consisting of unified objective.

In this blog we are speaking about the quality management system ISO 9001 certification in Philippines and the information security management system ISO 27001 certification in Philippines. And we know ISO 9001 standards stands for continual improvement and customer satisfaction where it helps organizations to demonstrate their product and services are consistent and they meet the customer needs and expectation. Every organization which wants to have a good quality performances cannot for ISO certification in Philippines standard as it mainly provides policies, procedures and other guidelines for the quality related equal requirements which enable the organization to follow best practices in the organization by neglecting all the causing defects to the process of the organization.

Coming to ISO 27001 standards is all about the information security management system of an organization. ISO 27001 standard can be applied to any organization which wants to see their information. Because these information’s are very valuable are considered to be assert for their organization which is mainly working on data of the employees or any clients so it is necessary for them to secure all the data related documents and secure them with proper procedures. In this case ISO 27001 plays an important role by providing them and setting a Framework for to implement establish maintain and continually improve the securing information. Because she organization should be running based on the security of data and due to which if they are not following the proper procedures to secure those information it would be really difficult for the organization to improve or to carry on for the and sometimes it may be entered St data are not saved correctly or it is secured correctly.

So by implementing these two standards by doing an integration to the organization would be an added advantage for the organization as it reduces the costing documents and also the time conception of the organization where you can get it done within few working days so that your organization could be more effective.

Factocert- why?

Implementation of the standards to the organization is quite difficult by the representative who is appointed to look after the process of international standards as he would not be aware of what exactly the International standard requirements are. So we, Factocert is one of the organization which consists of consultants on experts who are well aware about the requirements of international standards and provides the organization with the best solution to adapt the best practices to the organization. So it is the responsibility of the top management to choose a better Consulting body who have will experience and backward more number of clients so that when the services are provided to your organization it should be genuine and should be more effective.