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ISO certification in Saudi Arabia is one of the best marketing tools for the successful transformation of industries. ISO is one of the worldwide Federations for the standards bodies which consist of 163 member countries throughout the world. ISO is one of the non profitable, Nongovernmental and independent organization which was established in year 1947 and it is located in Geneva, Switzerland. The main aim of the international organization for standardization is to improve the physician and other related activities throughout the world in order to facilitate the international trading of goods and services.

International Organization of standardization was started in the field of Electro technical, International electro technical commission which was established in the year 1906. ISO is an abbreviation for international organization for standardization other than IOS because the term ISO is derived from a Greek word called ‘ISOS’ which means equal and the standards that helps to guide them in trading activities.

The technical committee of international organization for standardization facilitates to have a awesome trade exchange and Technology can be achieved through the following

It helps to enhance the quality of the products and services and provides a reasonable price

It helps to improve the safety health and environmental and to reduce the wastage in the organization.

simplification for the usability

it has to reduce the number of risks and accidents therefore the cost can be reduced for resources

It has to ease the maintenance of the process and increases the efficiency of distribution.

We know in this competitive world it is very difficult to be in first so by choosing the international organization for standardization would be an added advantage which would help your organization to be in higher position so that you can gain your customers trust and can have more number of opportunities in this kind of market. ISO consist of standards which are published by it and it does not involve in issuing the certification and there are many standards published by ISO such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001 and other international standards. These standards are considered to be the most popular and basic among the all International standards which can be applied to the industries for the purpose of Greater efficiency and prominence.

Coming to the basic standard of ISO, that is the quality management system ISO 9001, help the organization to have consistently team customer satisfaction and continual improvement so that they can be reliable about their services and processes. It consists of set of requirements, procedures and policies to make the organization stronger.

The previous version of the quality management system ISO 9001 was 2008 and now it has been revised to 2015 because the revision was done to meet the requirements of current Technologies, requirements and also by understanding the complexity of the organization. The quality management system considered as following factors while mentor to your organization and they are:

As discussed earlier it is one of the most basic and popular standard which can be applied to all the organization and it does not consider the size factor when it comes to the organization. It can be applied to the organization consisting of 2 people or 1 million people.

Does not considered the kind of industries whether it is manufacturing or services to all the organization such as consultancy, manufacturing, service based, government, public sectors, private sectors, restaurants, education and so on.

ISO 9001 is not a product certification it is a process certification because it uses certain controls to the process in your organization where the end product should made the expected outcomes for desired repaired

ISO 9001 standard is not a personal standard because get certified by the international standard. If a person wants to get 35 he can become a lead of auditor after taking the training course in these international standards are designed and developed to have the organizations.

Why to opt for Factocert?

In order to implement is standard organization all the procedures policies and other requirements is quite difficult by the individual person of their organization itself so it is to opt for one Consulting body who are well aware about the requirements of standards so in this case we come here in picture to help the organization come the issues or and they are facing by providing a one stop solution. Factorcert is known for their well consulting and many of them are satisfied by services for the international standards. Factocert is not only into issuing Asian off International standards but it also does the third party audit services of the international standards. we have Well experienced experts in our organization where they have implemented and certified many organization based on this experience they try to understand ISO certification in Saudi Arabia what exactly the organization is facing and provide them with the best solution and make sure that they are satisfied by the services with minimal effort.

Advantages of having quality management system to your organization

If you are certified by ISO 9001 then your organizations credibility can be increased.

It helps to increase the revenue to your organization by improving the processes so that the customers are satisfied by the products what you deliver.

The quality management system always focuses on the continual improvement so if the process is improvement in stage by stage process there accidents, risks or threats would be reduced and therefore the final product would be of high quality.

By following certain procedures and requirements of quality management system the organization can increase the control of the business processes.

ISO 9001 is one of the beautiful standards and it can be integrated with the other management system which can add the advantage along with other standards.

Organizations opting for implementation process of quality management system can experience a lot of quality knowledge which would be helpful for them to adapt the new skills.