Tvidler  If you are prone to swimmer’s

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Tvidler  If you are prone to swimmer’s ear or ear infections, a few drops of rubbing alcohol will ensure all the water dries up. 8. Not All Hearing Loss is Due to Earwax If your hearing doesn’t return once the wax is gone and the ears are clean, see your doctor. A professional ear exam and a hearing test can pinpoint that problem, so you can start to hear again even if it means you need hearing aids. How Does Tvidler Work? Tvidler is designed so that it can pull out the pieces without causing any harm. If you use a cotton swab to clean, because the cotton swab has more space than the ear, it will push down the debris in the ear canal more. This may cause clogging of earwax, and sometimes excessive earwax occurs. What does the Tvidler help with? When it comes to cleaning ears, they are always a theme in themselves, because cotton swabs or similar aids usually won’t get you very far. Even if you do, they are not necessarily good for your health. For example, cotton buds can damage the eardrum.

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