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Scipeptide was set up in 2004 in Shanghai China.which is an earlier-establishd peptide company.
Our employees have rich and long-standing expertise in custom peptide synthesis. Our team of approx. 70 highly trained and skilled employees has built a substantial know-how in all areas of peptide applications and is the basis of our success.scipeptide has a work force of >50 highly trained and skilled employees. 20 of our co-workers hold a university degree and 15 have a PhD in natural sciences.The success rate is higher than others.


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Operation center :
Room1108 Building4 NO658 Guangfulin Road International EBD Songjiang New City Shanghai.China

Manufacture and RD center :
C6 NO.168 Hi-tec park Camphor avenue High-tech zone Hefei Anhui Province.China

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