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Mysore is one of the fast-growing tourist destinations in Karnataka. Mysore is praised in different names due to its several specialties. At the outset, Mysore is commonly known as “City of Palaces”. Besides that, the city is even regarded as “Sandalwood City” due to its popularity in Sandalwood products. Mysore is also famous for its “Mysore Silk Sarees” and popular sweet “Mysore Pak”. People feel proud and blessed to live in Mysore due to its culture and festivals where it is carried out and celebrated till today.

Especially retired peoples feel safe and secure to spend the rest of their life in Mysore for a pleasant environment. Being the fastest-growing destination, serving tourists all over the world becomes a challenging task. Keeping in mind to fulfill all the types of tourist demands, we emerged into the market as a taxi service provider in Mysore in the year 2006 with the zeal to provide world-class amenities and services at the affordable cost.

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