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Ulozto, a cloud service for sharing, storing, and downloading files that is completely open to all, allows you to download innumerable movies, shows, games, mp3 music, e-books and more. Everything is free to download and you don't even have to sign up to begin enjoying what this website has to offer. Ulozto is the number-one cloud storage website in the Czech Republic. The site contains tens of millions of files, which can be downloaded by its users. Users can also upload files publicly or privately. This platform also allows you to store important data and files. You can download movies, songs, videos, games etc. for free at a limited speed on this website. There is only one restriction, the speed at which you can download material. But you can instantly remove that restriction by using credits. Credits allow you to move any file as quickly as your internet connection will allow. You can download movies, songs, videos, and more online on this website, and the cost is minimal. If you don't want to wait for a video or file to download, you should buy credits. The price for each credit depends on its size and quality. A normal quality movie costs about 10 cents, and a high-quality movie costs about 25 cents. TV shows, music albums, e-books and games can be downloaded absolutely free or just a few cents if you want them at high speeds. Ulozto has been deemed illegal since it shares pirated stuff that can be uploaded and downloaded by its users. Any website that shares pirated content resides in a grey area of the law due to copyright infringement laws.

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